“Protecting the Interest and Assets of the organization and all entities involved by keeping the regulatory body properly trained and prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow”

With over twelve years of real world regulatory/compliance experience Bo-Co-Pa and Associates, is highly capable and qualified to assist you in all of your regulatory/compliance needs. Here are some of the services offered by Bo-Co-Pa and Associates:

  • Report writing
  • Inspections:


  • All Class II and III departments
  • All required non-gaming departments
    • Investigations:
    • Background
    • Vendors
    • Compliance
    • Civil
  • Policy and Procedure Reviews
  • Rules and Regulations Reviews
  • BSA/Title 31 Preparation and Review
  • Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (1988) Compliance Review
  • Internal/External Audit Preparation/Review
  • Full compliance department overviews including looking at how to be more efficient
  • Evaluate and recommend what technologies will make your regulatory/compliance department more efficient
  • Internal/External theft/fraud training on detection