Bo-Co-Pa & Associates

is the premier business consulting /training firm serving Indian country and those entities that do business with Native people and tribes.

Bo-Co-Pa (English name Allen David)

was an 1864 Treaty signer of the Klamath Tribes as well as the first recognized Chief of the Klamath Reservation and Headman of one of the largest clans of the Klamath people, the “people of the marsh”.

Casino Operations

From Marketing to Tracking and Human Resources, Bo-Co-Pa has you covered!


Commissioner and Executive Staff-Gaming Agent Training-Rules and Regulations, Minimum Internal Control Standards-Surveillance Department-Auditing-Title 31


Security Officer Tune-Up Training - Security Supervisor Responsibility Training - Security Department Roles and Responsibilities - Report Writing - Full Department Training

Bo-Co-Pa & Associates

is a Native American owned and operated premier business firm specializing in assisting our clients to achieve the maximum results for their business. We provide exceptional training and evaluation in all aspects of Casino operations/regulations, cultural diversity programs, economic development and professional services that promote growth and economic self-sufficiency across the Nation.