Casino Operations

o Marketing Plan evaluations, development and execution
o Marketing Surveys
o Social Media Evaluations
o Promotions Evaluations
o Full Department Training
Guest Relations/Guest Services/ Player Tracking
o Complete Department Training
o Player Tracking Systems Training
o Player Tracking Programs Evaluation and Executions
o Guest Service Training Specific for the Guest Relations Department
o Full Department Training
Table Games
o Full Department Training
Food and Beverage
o Food Purchasing
o Food Tracking and Inventory
o Bar Set Ups and Performance
o Staff Responsibility Training (Front of House and Back of House)
o Security Officer Tune-Up Training
o Security Supervisor Responsibility Training
o Security Department Roles and Responsibilities
o Report Writing
o Full Department Training
Human Resources
o Proper Interviewing Techniques
o Proper Reference Checks Techniques
o Roles and Responsibilities of the Human Resources Department


Compliance/RegulatorySurveillance/SecurityCustomer Service Training/Evaluation