Bo-Co-Pa (English name Allen David) was an 1864 Treaty signer of the Klamath Tribes, as well as, the first recognized Chief of the Klamath Reservation and Headman of one of the largest clans of the Klamath people, the “people of the marsh”.

naanok ?ans naat sat’waYa
naat ciiwapk diceew’a “We help each other; We will live good”

The Klamath Tribes consist of; the Klamaths, the Modocs and the Yahooskin. The tribes have lived in the Klamath Basin of Oregon, from time beyond memory.


Billy David is a direct descendant of Bo-Co-Pa and still lives in his ancestral homelands (Chiloquin, Oregon) where his parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents all lived.  Not only is Billy an enrolled Klamath Tribal member his blood lines are also Modoc (Ester Stokes) as well as Tohono O’odham (Joe Herkshan).